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Emergency Plumber and the Dual Flush Technology


In Australia there is short supply of water due to erratic rainfall and long summer months that is why the country is leading in water conservation measures. Homeowners who are building or renovating homes would most likely ask the Emergency Plumber to install bathroom fixtures from new technology that reduces the use of water. One of the most common questions asked from the Emergency Plumber is the effectiveness of the dual flush technology, an Australian invention of a two-button flushing system.


What is the dual flush toilet technology?


In the dual flush toilet, you have a choice for each kind of flush – a half flush for liquid waste and a full flush for solid waste. Most modern dual flush toilets that have been installed by Bondi Plumber use less than a gallon of water (approximately 3 liters) to flush liquid waste and about 1.6 gallons (6 liters) to flush solid waste. This generates big savings in water usage from the standard toilet styles that use 5 gallons of water (19 liters) or more for each flush. Today the dual flush toilet is not only used in Australia but all over the world particularly for those with increased environmental awareness on the importance of conserving water resources for the future generation.


Advantages of the dual flush toilet


Because it addresses the goal of water conservation, the dual flush toilet is being promoted by the Australian government under its Target 155 Campaign. Among all the new technologies of water efficient toilets, the dual flush toilet has the advantage of intuitive flushing where the user can decide that less water is needed and uses 3 liters of water per flush instead of 1.6 gallon maximum. Due to the reduction in water usage, there is less demand on the local water treatment facilities. The government is encouraging the replacement of the traditional toilets with dual flush system with rebates. If you ask the Bondi Plumber to install a 4 or higher star rating, you may be eligible to qualify for a rebate from the state government of Victoria, New South Wales or South Australia.


However, the drawback to the dual flush is it is slightly more expensive than standard toilets though certain retrofitting systems have brought down the price significantly.